Sidhanth Mohanty

Email: sidhanthm (at) berkeley (dot) edu

I am an incoming PhD student in the Theory Group at UC Berkeley. I am interested in hardness of approximation, sublinear algorithms, probability theory, high dimensional geometry and combinatorics. My undergraduate education was at Carnegie Mellon University where I was extremely fortunate to have worked with Anil Ada, Bernhard Haeupler, Ryan O'Donnell, Ariel Procaccia, and David Woodruff.


On Sketching the q to p norms [pdf]
(with Aditya Krishnan and David P. Woodruff)

Improved Algorithms for the Noisy Broadcast Model under Erasures [pdf, slides]
(with Ofer Grossman and Bernhard Haeupler)
ICALP 2018