Sidhanth Mohanty

Email: sidhanthm (at) berkeley (dot) edu

I am an incoming PhD student in the Theory Group at UC Berkeley. I am interested in hardness of approximation, sublinear algorithms, probability theory, high dimensional geometry and combinatorics. My undergraduate education was at Carnegie Mellon University where I was extremely fortunate to have worked closely with Bernhard Haeupler, Ryan O'Donnell, and David Woodruff.


"On Sketching the q to p norms"
Aditya Krishnan, Sidhanth Mohanty, David P. Woodruff

"Improved Algorithms for the Noisy Broadcast Model under Erasures"
Ofer Grossman, Bernhard Haeupler, Sidhanth Mohanty
ICALP 2018

"Relating decision tree complexity with AND and OR decision tree complexity"
Anil Ada, Yeongwoo Hwang, Kumail Jaffer, Sidhanth Mohanty, Ryan O'Donnell, Yu Zhao

"Expert Voting and Error Correction"
Kumail Jaffer, Sidhanth Mohanty, Phillip Wang
Advised by Ariel Procaccia
Project Manuscript